Sign Up & Login

Use sign up if you are a new user wishing to try using platform for the first time.

Sign Up

1. Open 2. Clicking the Sign Up in the top right corner will open a sign-up form 3. Choose a preferred authentication providers (Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter or Slack) or create an account using a traditional e-mail & password.
4. Check your e-mail and click the confirmation link to approve that you are the owner of the address.
5. After confirming the e-mail you can click "Back to" and log in to access the platform and start designing your first dialogue (voice application).

Log In

Open!/login and you will be provided by the login form. 2. Dependent on what you haven chosen during the Sign Up process use the authentication provider (Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter or Slack) or e-mail & password.
3. After successful login you will be directed to the Home dashboard.