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Analyze conversations & errors

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You can easily track all conversational traffic in your Space in the "Data" menu section.

Track individual conversations in "Sessions"

In Data >> Sessions, you will find the transcripts of individual conversations. In Flowstorm, conversations are called sessions.
  • The list on the left shows, by default, the most recent sessions. To see a different group of sessions or to find a specific session, use the magnifying glass icon or the "Quick search" box.
  • In the list, find the session you are interested in, and click on it. The right panel will show its detail.
  • In the right panel, below the technical details, you can see the transcript. You can choose between different transcript types: Utterances, Turns (both with clickable items containing more details), Run Log (with runtime logs), or Text (simple text transcript).

Track errors in "Dialogue Events"

The Data >> Dialogue Events page will be useful especially as a list of runtime errors.
Click on an item to see the technical details; the key information is usually the description of the error in the "Text" box.
The list doesn't show ALL errors: for example, client errors (such as problems with the microphone) occur before communication reaches our server, therefore they are not registered and cannot be tracked in Flowstorm.