What is Flowstorm

Flowstorm is a platform as a service (PaaS) allowing you to create and administer conversational voice applications with AI-powered digital personas.
The Flowstorm conversational platform is provided as a platform as a service (PaaS) and consists of several SaaS development tools and software components for creating conversational & multimodal applications with AI-powered digital personas.

Design via drag&drop and code

Flowstorm allows you to create smart voice applications in a drag & drop UI (predefined nodes or complex dialogue assets) combined with a code-editing environment to control more sophisticated application logic using the programming language Kotlin.

Easily test and analyze

You can test your apps seconds after you've created them and detect problems immediately. Flowstorm also comes with built-in analytics: analyze the users' behavior and find what works and what doesn't. Learn from the traffic and enhance the performance of the app. Inspect each conversation, including technical details.

Access from different environments

Flowstorm provides integrations to different channels and clients. We also provide an open-source template to write custom integration to any device with a speaker and microphone. Flowstorm also supports ASR and TTS from major providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft).

Collaborate and share

Flowstorm is ready for collaborative design. Share your dialogues and conversational assets with your team. Different team members can work on different pieces of the app. Distribute the app to testers and analyze their feedback.

Combine flow control with generative AI

In Flowstorm, you can seamlessly combine predetermined conversation flows with state-of-the-art generative models. The former gives you control over your personas' behavior, the latter enables personas to talk freely and flexibly.

Work with context

Context is the key to creating personalized and adaptive dialogues. Your Flowstorm app will be able to adapt to the context of the session, the user, or even a community of users.

Deploy open-source runtime on-premise

We provide open-source for the Core and a template for clients. The Core is the major runtime component. It can be installed in any cloud or on-premise. The client template is a starting point to write integrations for any device.
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